Match Report

For the first home game of the season, Warriors Head Coach Jack Cameron had 14 players available for selection.

New signing Nimi Ahira started on the bench while Carolanne Phee and Shantel Paterson who were missing last week, came into the team to replace Lucy Sullivan and Leah Jones who were both unavailable for today’s game. This formed a Starting XI of Toni Harkness in goal, Jude Connolly, Shantel Paterson, Rachel Vickerman and Phee in defence. Clare Wilson moved up from last week into the midfield alongside captain Erin Wilson, Samantha Montgomery and trialist Zoë Richard-Campbell. Up front was Eva Ralston and Eirinn Maguire.

From the whistle the Warriors took control of the game and began applying pressure with Shantel Paterson hitting a hopefull shot just inside Dundee West’s half 40 seconds into the match.

The Warriors win an early corner 1 minute into the match after a through ball from Eva Ralston cuts open the Dundee defence and Samantha Montgomery gets on the end of it and has her cross knocked out of play. The resulting corner skiffs the head of Vickerman before bouncing straight through.

Erin Maguire presses the Dundee centre back and wins the ball 3 minutes into the match and gets off a rocket of a shot that bounces off the bar. Minutes after after Carolanne Phee drops in a delicious cross that finds the feet of Ralston who just smashes it wide.

GOAL: Carolane Phee plays a pass to the Dundee Winger before taking it straight back, she fires it dow the wing to Zoë Richard-Campbell who places it into Eva Ralston. Some quick feet help her check it away from the defenders and she smashes it in off the post! STENHOUSEMUIR WOMEN FC 1-0 DUNDEE WEST [Ralston 7 minutes]

GOAL: Straight from kick off Dundee pass the ball back to their centre back, Ralston closes her down and steals it, then smashes it straight into the net for her second goal in a minute! STENHOUSEMUIR WOMEN FC 2-0 DUNDEE WEST [Ralston 8 minutes]

The game has been all Stenny pressure. Ralston has another chance after a corner bounces back to her outside the box as she bounces it into the keepers arms.

It takes 12 minutes before the Warriors keeper Toni Harkness is called into action as a chipped ball lobs the defence but the keeper is able to easily come out and collect.

The next 5 minutes becomes a bit scrappy as a few slack Stenny passes allow Dundee the chance to grow a little more confidence in the game.

Dundee West break down the right wing but the attack fizzles out as Erin Wilson sweeps across and picks up the ball. The Warriors immediatley counter as Zoë Richard-Campbell turns and play Ralston in one-on-one with the keeper who does an incredible job of saving the shot.

GOAL: From the resulting corner Erin Wilson fires the ball right into Vickerman who nods it down into the net! STENHOUSEMUIR WOMEN FC 3-0 DUNDEE WEST [Vickerman 17 minutes]

Dundee West manage a little more posession as they try and grow into the game but it seems the early goals have knocked their confidence. Stenny seem to be winning every 50/50 and tackle and Dundee are giving the ball back at every opportunity.

Its wave after wave of attack from Stenny with chances from everyone. Through balls, lobbed passes and quick turns are splitting the Dundee defense.

Dundee almost beat the press and attempt to break down the right wing but fantastic covering from Clare Wilson ensure they stay hemmed in.

There are four stenny players at all times pressing the Dundee West back line. They are totally overrun and the most they have offered in terms of posession is long clearances which are being constantly picked up by Stenny defenders.

Dundee manage to get a few throw ins down the left hand side touchline before winning a corner. The resulting corner flies straight out of play. That sums up Dundee’s first half so far.

The stenny shot count is easily into double figures as Maguire, Ralston and Richard-Campbell all take turns hitting various efforts. A combination of fantastic saves from the Dundee West keeper and poor shots are the only reason the scoreline remains 3-0.

HALF TIME: Stenhousemuir Women FC 3-0 Dundee West

The second half starts in a similar fashion however Dundee West seem to be holding the ball a bit more comfortably as they manage a few chances early on.

A double chance for the Warriors comes 4 minutes into the second half. Erin Wilson smashes the ball off the post and Zoë Richard-Campbell hits the resulting rebound straight over the bar.

SUBSTITUTION: Nimi Ahira comes on to make her debut for the club as Carolanne Phe is withdrawn. Paterson is pushed out to left back and Clare Wilson drops into centre back so Nimi can slot into the midfield.

GOAL: Almost an immediate impact for Nimi Ahira as she is involved in the goal. She takes the ball in the Warriors half, runs about 10 yards and slots it into Eva Ralston, who feeds it into Eirinn Maguire. She makes no mistakes and places it into the back of the net! STENHOUSEMUIR WOMEN FC 4-0 DUNDEE WEST [Maguire 55 minutes]

Dundee West begin to apply a little more pressure now. They are hitting in a few balls that are making the defence work hard.

Charlene Campbell from Dundee West goes into the referees book after performing a karate chop to Vickerman’s throat. Questions asked about wether it was enough to be considered violent conduct because of the force and the intent.

GOAL: An own goal a mere minute later. Laura-Anne Johnston plays a great lob pass to Amanda Primrose who chips the keeper. Vickerman chased the ball back and almost manages to clear it off the line but it ends up smashing into the roof of the net. It sadly has to go down as an own goal. STENHOUSEMUIR WOMEN FC 4-1 DUNDEE WEST [Vickerman (OG) 69 minutes]

SUBSTITUTION: A few minutes later Jack Cameron decides to make a change as he brings on the remaining subs on his bench. Sarah Dolan and Chloe Pearson come on to replace Zoë Richard-Campbell and Samantha Montgomery.

GOAL: Erin Wilson plays a ball out to Jude Connolly who runs down the right side of the box and smashes it into the back of the net for her first goal of the season. Erin Wilson with her second assist of the match! STENHOUSEMUIR WOMEN FC 5-1 DUNDEE WEST [Connolly 79 minutes]

Nimi Ahira goes down outside the Dundee box and has to be withdrawn. The Warriors are down to 10 players for the remaining 8 minutes.

Despite being down to 10 players the Warriors still seem to be in control of the match. Chances come from both sides but none of any major note.

FULL TIME: Stenhousemuir Women FC 5-1 Dundee West




Date Time League Season Full Time
August 21, 2022 2:30 pm SWF League One 2022/23 90'


Ochilview Park
55 Gladstone Rd, Stenhousemuir, Larbert FK5, UK. What 3 Words reference: overdone.machine.darkens


Stenhousemuir WFC5Win
Dundee West1Loss

Stenhousemuir WFC

Sarah Dolan Defender
Carolanne Phee Defender
Rachel Ann Vickerman Defender 17'
Erin Wilson Midfielder 17', 79'
Eva Ralston Forward 7', 8'
Jude Connolly Defender 79'
Samantha Montgomery Forward
Eirinn Maguire Forward 55'
Chloe Pearson Midfielder
Shantel Paterson Defender
Clare Wilson Defender
Toni Harkness Goalkeeper
Nimi Ahira Midfielder
Zoë Richard-Campbell Midfielder 7'
  5 4 1

Dundee West

Yellow Cards
Red Cards