Here’s all the info you need to ensure that you have everything you need when visiting Ochilview Park. Simply click on each header and you’ll be taken to a page with full information.

This guide can also be found in PDF version by clicking here.

Matchday Checklist 

Matchdays at Ochilview can be very busy, exciting and potentially quite challenging for supporters who don’t attend many live games. To help take the stress away from your matchday experience, we’ve prepared this simple checklist to make sure that you are as match-ready as you can be and that you can relax and enjoy the day.

Travelling to Ochilview Park 

Football supporters visit Ochilview from across the country and beyond. Everybody’s journey is different, dependent upon where you are travelling from and how you are intending to get here.

Getting into the Ground

If you’re paying by cash, you can simply pay at any turnstiles. There are designated turnstiles for both home and away fans, so make sure that you enter at the correct spot, you won’t be able to move from one to the other once you’re inside the ground. If you wish to pay by card, you will need to download the FanBase app from the Apple Store or Google Play.

The Matchday Experience

Matchdays are about more than just the 90 minutes of football and Ochilview Park is filled with fun and activity for hours leading up to and post-match.Remember that every matchday is different and games can be played on any day of the week and at a variety of kick-off times depending on factors such as whether it is a league or cup game, whether it is a midweek fixture or even if the game is selected for live tv broadcast.

Facilities around Ochilview Park

There are a host of useful amenities and reference points for you around the stadium.

Facilities in Ochilview Park

There are a host of useful amenities and reference points for you inside the stadium.

Food & Drink at Ochilview Park

There is a full range of refreshment items that can be purchased at Ochilview Park. Our Bar inside the stadium and hospitality suites are always fully stocked with the most popular alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Inside the Stadium, our Pie Hut is always serving fresh and delicious food courtesy of one of our principal sponsors, R. Brown & Son Butcher.

Matchday FAQs

This guide is intended to deal with the majority of questions and queries that visitors to Ochilview are likely to have. This is not exhaustive and you are likely to have many more questions than we are able to include in this guide. Here is a number of the questions that we are regularly asked about matchdays but, if neither of these nor the rest of the information contained in this guide is applicable, please feel free to call the office for further advice.

Stay Safe at Ochilview Park

Stenhousemuir FC believe that the safety and security of all of visitors to Ochilview Park is paramount in ensuring that everybody can enjoy matchday. We want everybody to enjoy the game as much as possible but supporters should be mindful and respectful of other supporters sharing in the matchday experience too.