There are a host of useful amenities and reference points for you inside the stadium. The following highlight just a few which might be of use:

1 – This is the Main Entrance to The Norway Stand and can be used to access the Main Reception on Matchday and the Wee Bar inside the Stadium

2 – The Norway Stand is where the home fans are seated. There are a limited number of disabled spaces for both home and away fans

3 – The Wee Bar is a popular place pre and post match where fans of both teams can enjoy a friendly drink with other fans. You can enter the Wee Bar via the main entrance in The Norway Stand

4 – Area 4 is where home fans enter The Norway Stand

5 – The Pie Hut is available for both home and away fans and is located at the entrance to the ground

6 – Away fans that are viewing from the Terracing should enter through these turnstiles

7 – The toilets in the Terrace Stand are situated to the left as you enter through the turnstiles

8 – The toilets in the Main Stand are located straight ahead of the turnstiles

9 – This is the Terrace Stand which is reserved for Away fans. There’s no seating in the Terrace Stand

10 – Our merchandise stand is available to fans in The Norway Stand only. If you’re in the Terracing Stand and you’d like an item from the merchandise stand, please speak to a Security Steward