There are a host of useful amenities and reference points for you around the stadium. The following highlight just a few which might be of use:

1 – This is Ochilview Park, found behind B&M Stores, on Gladstone Road

2 – A favourite of ours, Tim Hortons is open during matchday and is the perfect place to re-charge before or after a match. As we serve our own hot food and drinks, we would ask that you don’t bring any external hot food or drink into the ground

3 – An Asda Superstore that will help ensure that you have all the essentials if you have a long drive home

4 – If you would like to enter the ground using cash or purchase items from our Pie Hut, you may need to visit to get some cash. ATMs closest to the ground can be found opposite the Train Station on South Broomage Avenue [<4], Londis Convenient Store on Main Street [4] and inside Early Till Late [Loves] on King Street [4>]

5 – If you’re travelling from car via Falkirk, you will enter the area along Kirk Avenue and Main Street

6 – If you have come via the train, or travelled from Bonnybridge or Denny, you will enter the area along Main Street and then King Street

7 – If you have travelled using the M876, you will enter the area along Tryst Road