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Looking to bounce back after a disappointing result last week the Warriors went into this game with a real desire to get the win. Edinburgh had only managed 1 win the opening 3 games of the season so they also had a real motivation to win and with both teams sitting in 5th and 6th place with 2 points between them there was everything to play for.

Jack Cameron had the largest squad selection hes had to date with 15 players available. Two trialists were named in the squad, one of which was in the starting 11. The rest of the team consisted of Emma King in goals, Jude Connolly, Paterson, Vickerman and Leah Jones in defense, Montgomery, Clare Wilson, Ahira and Richard-Campbell in midfield and Maguire was joined up front with the Trialist. Pearson, Trialist 2, Kelly and Dolan started on the bench. Erin Wilson was the notable abscence as the squad capitain was unavilable for the game, alongside Lucy Sullivan and Carolanne Phee who missed out after picking up a suspension in the last match.

The Warriors got off to a good start, Maguire broke free in the box and was wiped out by the Edinburgh Caledonia keeper 2 minutes into the match as the ref pointed to the spot.

GOAL STENHOUSEMUIR: The trialist stepped up to take the penalty and made no mistake. STENHOUSEMUIR 1-0 EDINBURGH CALEDONIA [Trialist 3′]

Straight from kick off the Warriors grabbed another couple of chances as Clare Wilson and almost catches the keeper off her line and Montgomery linking with Maguire almost creates a chance down the right.

Montgomery breaks away down the right wing a few minutes later and fires in a fantastic pass to Richard-Campbell who gets her shot away. The keeper is able to save it. A few minutes later Joanne Russell almost breaks free in the Stenny box but Leah Jones manages to get her body infron of the ball and it rolls into the keepers hands.

On the 10 minute mark the ref pauses the game as the Edinburgh Caley number 10 Kirsty Compston goes to ground and has to be withdrawn. Hopefully shes okay.

It becomes quite apparent early on that there will be alot of offsides in this game as both teams seemed to be playing a really highline.

The ball breaks down the right hand side of the park for Katy Anne Watt who manages to get a shot on the Stenny goal but she cant keep it down and it heads out of play.

GOAL STENHOUSEMUIR: A poor pass from Platt lands at the feet of Eirinn Maguire who flicks it onto Montgomery on the right wing. Montgomoery runs into the box and smashes it into the roof of the net. STENHOUSEMUIR 2-0 EDINBURGH CALEDONIA [Montgomery 25′]

The high lines from both teams begin to show as the ref starts giving more and more offsides. The game struggles to maintain any real rhythm as a result.

The ball in cleared by Leah Jones and lands in the Edinburgh box. Maguire is quick to get on the end of it but comes off worse than the keeper in a 50/50 that was for sure a goal if it had went the other way. Great strength from the Caley keeper Taylor.

Rachel Vickerman plays a key role in the opening 35 minutes, showing real composure and making sure she gets on the end of everything that comes her way. She picks up the ball with a quick turn of pace at the back and takes it for a run down the wing before a late challenge from Burge takes her down. She goes down holding her face and appears to be in a good bit of pain. She spends a good few minutes on the ground before getting back up and returning to the field.

Clare Wilson whips in the resulting free kick. Initally the Caley defender picks it up but Richard-Campbell nicks it for her feet before doing a brilliant turn and smashing it towards goal. The post came to Edinburgh Caleys aid but the ball bounces out to Montgomery who smashes it back in. The keeper can only get a touch on it and paws it back into the danger zone. The ball eventually bobbles back out to Clare Wilson who hits a shot on target that the keeper is able to collect. A bit of a shaky moment for the Caley defense.

Shantel Paterson wins a header in the midfield and releases Maguire down the wing. She cuts the pass back to Richard-Campbell who smashes a shot goalwards that deflects over the bar for a corner.

GOAL STENHOUSEMUIR: Richard-Campbell takes the corner she won and curls it right into the back of the net from the corner! STENHOUSEMUIR 3-0 EDINBURGH CALEDONIA [Richard-Campbell 45′]

GOAL EDINBURGH CALEDONIA: Straight from the kick off, Edinburgh create a great passing play. The ball finds Friederike Burge who slots it into Jane Macrae who makes no mistakes. STENHOUSEMUIR 3-1 EDINBURGH CALEDONIA [Macrae 45′]

HALF TIME: Stenhousemuir 3-1 Edinburgh Caledonia 

Edinburgh Caley start the half slightly stronger than Stenny.

GOAL STENHOUSEMUIR: Leah Jones makes a defensive clerance which plays Eirinn Maguire through on goal. Because of the high line Eirinn skips past the defence and slots it past the keeper. STENHOUSEMUIR 4-1 EDINBURGH CALEDONIA [Maguire 48′]

The amount of offisides in this game must have reached double figures. The high lines keep catching each other out as Edinburgh and Stenny players both find themselves free of the defense before the ref pulls it back.

Clare Wilson manages to beat the offside trap though and finds herself free down the wing. She crosses into the Trialist who cant quite get her head on it. The ball bounces back out to Leah Jones who skips round half the Caley team and fires a shot at goal. It ends up being a tame effort in truth but it was great play to get the space.

GOAL EDINBURGH CALEDONIA: Caley begin adding pressure. The ball is cleared but lands at the feet of Beth Mackenzie who shots from miles out and dips the keeper. STENHOUSEMUIR 4-2 EDINBURGH CALEDONIA [Mackenzie 58′]

SUBSTITUTION: Jack Cameron makes a change after the goal. Rachel Vickerman who appears to still be struggling from the knock she took in the first half is withdrawn and the second Trialist is brought into the match.

Trialist 2 almost makes an immediate impact as Connolly takes the ball a run down the wing, nutmegs the left back and plays in Montgomery who flashes it across the face of goal. Trialist 2 is so close to getting on the end of it but the attack fizzles out.

YELLOW CARD: Connolly picks up the first card of the match for kicking a ball down the wing after it had already gone out of play.

GOAL EDINBURGH CALEDONIA: Edinburgh win posession from a Stenny goal kick. The ball is worked well between the players before it fids Katy Watt. Emma King almost grabs the ball from her feet but it bobbles into the path of Samatha Hyett who fires it in. STENHOUSEMUIR 4-3 EDINBURGH [Hyett 68′]

The game is becoming more open as Edinburgh start to grow more into the match. More offsides follow. Edinburgh seem to be getting more of the ball. Stenny are still creating chances though.

A great interchange of passes between Jones and the two trialists sends the ball into the back of the net but the ref pulls it back again for offside.

Trialist 1 is released in the 76th minute and tries to lob the keeper but the ball just floats over the bar.

SUBSTITUTION: Chloe Pearson comes on to take the place of Nimi Ahira.

Edinburgh are really pushing for an equaliser but Stenny are still in the game. An extremely poor pass from the Edinburgh keeper gives the ball straight to Trialist 2 who snatches at the shot and sends it just past the post.

GOAL EDINBURGH CALEDONIA: A quick throw in leaves the Warriors not prepeared in the box. The ball bounces through a few players before it finds the feet of Samantha Hyett who again fires it into the back of the net for her second of the match, pulling back an equaliser in the last minutes of the game. STENHOUSEMUIR 4-4 EDINBURGH CALEDONIA [Hyett 85′]

Stenny begin pushing much higher to try and retaliate. A few more offside decisions are given. Jude Connolly becomes a player possessed though as the right back begins chasing down everyone including the keeper.

Connolly finds herself high up the park when the ball breaks to Trialist 2 on the right wing. She feeds her in with a great pass and Connolly takes on the keeper who makes a fantastic save to keep it level.

GOAL STENHOUSEMUIR: Jude Connolly. Playing higher up the pitch than the winger, Montgomery drops deep to collect the ball and slots it in for Connolly. She takes it past the Left back and sprints into the box before smashing it into the top of the net! STENHOUSEMUIR 5-4 EDINBURGH CALEDONIA [Connolly 90′]

The Warriors manage to pull ahead in the dying seconds of the match.


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Date Time League Season Full Time
September 4, 2022 2:30 pm SWF League One 2022/23 90'


Ochilview Park
55 Gladstone Rd, Stenhousemuir, Larbert FK5, UK. What 3 Words reference: overdone.machine.darkens


Stenhousemuir WFC5Win
Edinburgh Caledonia4Loss

Stenhousemuir WFC

Rachel Ann Vickerman Defender
Jude Connolly Defender 90'
Samantha Montgomery Forward 25'
Eirinn Maguire Forward 48'
Chloe Pearson Midfielder
Shantel Paterson Defender
Leah Jones Midfielder 48'
Clare Wilson Defender
Nimi Ahira Midfielder
Zoë Richard-Campbell Midfielder 45'
Helen Templeton Forward 3'
  5 3 1

Edinburgh Caledonia

Yellow Cards
Red Cards