Match Report

After an important win against St Mirren last time out, the Warriors head into this game with the aim of maintaining the momentum. Airdrie are a tough side to beat who managed to hold Falkirk to a draw last time out.

Jack Cameron had 14 players available for selection and made one change from the side that beat St Mirren. Harkness started in goals with a back three of Paterson, Vickerman and Jones. Connolly, Clare and Erin Wilson, Sullivan and Templeton made up the midfield whilst Montgomery and Maguire lead the line. Richard-Campbell and Pearson started on the bench alongside the Trialist.

Airdrie also had 14 players available for selection as Megan Murray started in goals with an outfield of Fraser, Miles, Whitters, Magill, Wright, Harrison, Booth, Deyoung, Nicholson and Kerrie Graham. Daniella Boyd, Jasmin Ewing-Asname and Taylor Corrigan started on the bench.

The first chance of the afternoon came to Samantha Montgomery who found herself through on goal after a beautiful lobbed through ball from Clare Wilson. The Airdrie centre back makes a good tackle though.

Erin Wilson chips in the corner and Jude Connolly picks up the second ball outside the box and tries a shot but it bounces wide of the target.

GOAL STENHOUSEMUIR: Erin Wilson whips in a great ball from the middle of the park and sets Montgomery free again. She runs 1-on-1 with the keeper and slots it into the bottom left corner! STENHOUSEMUIR 1-0 AIRDRIE LADIES [Montgomery 10′]

Jude Connolly plays the ball into Templeton inside the box. She lashes it across the face of goal but the keeper manages to get her leg on the ball and knock it back out for her defense to clear. Ewing-Asname gives it stright back to Clare Wilson though who tries a first time shot from about 30 yards out, but the keeper is able to catch it.

Good pressing from the Warriors allows them to pick up a loose goal kick. The ball is then rolled into Templeton who tries to chip it into Maguire. Its blocked but it bounces back into her path as she snaps at it on the volley but it ends up being a comfortable save for Murray. She kicks it back into play and repeats the exact same feat as Paterson wins the header, lays it into Templeton who this time chips it into Montgomery. She’s through 1-on-1 with Murray but hits her shot directly at her. A real close one.

Montgomery has been causing the Airdrie back line problems for the first half an hour. She breaks through again after another great through ball but this time the Airdrie centre back turns on the afterburners and gets back really well to make a great tackle.

GOAL STENHOUSEMUIR: A combination of Erin Wilson, Templeton and Jude Connolly manage to pin Airdrie back in their box, Murray tries to clear it but Connolly heads it straight back into Templeton who turns at the edge of the box and dips it into the top left corner of the net. A fantastic goal. STENHOUSEMUIR 2-0 AIRDRIE LADIES [Templeton 36′]

GOAL STENHOUSEMUIR: An incredible team goal as Connolly lays it into Erin Wilson, who chops it up to Montgomery, Montgomery gives it to Templeton who lobs it out to Erin Wilson again on the wing. She takes it around Ewing-Asname and cross it into Montgomery who touches it onto Sullivan who smashes it into the roof of the net! What a goal! STENHOUSEMUIR 3-0 AIRDRIE LADIES [Sullivan 41′]


YELLOW CARD: The first action of the half is Clare Wilson picking up a yellow card for a heavy tackle in the middle of the park.

RED CARD: The next is a red card for Airdrie’s Rachel Deyoung. She gets involved in a pushing match with Jude Connolly and picks up a second yellow. Connolly is also shown a yellow card for her involvement.

SUBSTITUTION: A triple change for the Warriors as Templeton, Clare Wilson and Connolly make way for Chloe Pearson, Richard-Campbell and the Trialist.

Another chance for the Warriors as Leah Jones wins the Airdrie goal kick, passes it to Richard-Campbell who slots in Lucy Sullivan down the left hand side. She gets 1-on-1 with Murray and gets her shot away but the keeper manages to knock it out of play.

GOAL STENHOUSEMUIR: The Trialist scores a fantastic freekick from about 30 yards out! She drops her shot above the keeper and in! STENHOUSEMUIR 4-0 AIRDRIE LADIES [Trialist 80′]

GOAL STENHOUSEMUIR: Leah Jones has scored from 50 yards out! A deflection lands at her feet from around the halfway line. She only has eyes for the shot and smashes it. The ball loops and drops into the net behind the keeper. She had no chance. The placement of that shot was just perfect. Goal of the season? STENHOUSEMUIR 5-0 AIRDRIE LADIES [Jones 84′]


A great performance from the Warriors to take all 3 points.


We spoke to Head Coach Jack Cameron after the game.

5 goals, 3 points and a clean sheet. How are you feeling after that game?

“Probably the happiest I have been this season. In the first half we set out to be very aggressive and try to kill the game early and we did that with 3-0 at half time. I thought physically we were outstanding. In possession that was probably our best display in terms of getting the ball down and playing how we want to play. The second half was more about trying to manage the game properly. We still wanted to keep our foot on the gas but we wanted to keep the clean sheet and try and stay more in control of our possession and I think we done that. It was a really good performance from everyone involved.”

5 goals from 5 different players. How good is it to see that variety and knowing that you have various players who are able to contribute?

“It was good. We spoke to the players about it at the start of the year. We didn’t want to be a team where only 1 or 2 players would contribute because we have a lot of talented players all over the pitch, including defensive players that can get forward. I think the shape we played today really helped us and it’s probably what we have been working towards. It’s exactly what you are looking for. Goals and good performances from all over the pitch.”

Two wins in the last two games. How does that affect your momentum and mentality heading into next week against Giffnock?

“We feel that on our day, with all our players here we can beat anyone in the league. It’s always going to be difficult though and every game is a challenge. The game today was a tough one. I know the scoreline doesn’t make it look that way but they still caused us problems throughout the game and we had to manage that and adapt. Going into Giffnock we can take some confidence from our performance and hope we can get the win.”

We also spoke to Warriors TV POTM, Rachel Ann Vickerman.

Congratulations on being our player of the match. How do you feel the game went?

“I think the team showed good composure and this is probably our best performance of the season. In terms of goal scoring but also in keeping the clean sheet which can sometimes be tough. So it’s good to get over that hurdle and hopefully it’s onwards and upwards from here.”

Defensively you maybe have conceded quite a few goals this season. Have you been working to improve that?

“We were stuck in a back 5 but have recently moved to a back 3 to try and push forward and give us more options going forward which has really helped. Obviously today that has showed. We were still adjusting to the change against St Mirren. Even though we got the win I think the early goal we conceded came as a result of us still adjusting to the new shape. But now we are used to it I think it shows that it’s working for us.”

How are your confidence levels after the last two wins? 

“It gives us so much confidence. I think we needed a good win under our belts to get us going. Hopefully we can take that into the next few games and not let our performance drop.”


Date Time League Season Full Time
November 6, 2022 2:30 pm SWF League One 2022/23 91'


Ochilview Park
55 Gladstone Rd, Stenhousemuir, Larbert FK5, UK. What 3 Words reference: overdone.machine.darkens


Stenhousemuir WFC5Win
Airdrie Ladies0Loss

Stenhousemuir WFC

Rachel Ann Vickerman Defender
Erin Wilson Midfielder 10'
Jude Connolly Defender 36'
Samantha Montgomery Forward 10'
Eirinn Maguire Forward
Chloe Pearson Midfielder
Shantel Paterson Defender
Lucy Sullivan Defender 41'
Leah Jones Midfielder 84'
Clare Wilson Defender 50'
Toni Harkness Goalkeeper
Zoë Richard-Campbell Midfielder
Helen Templeton Forward 36'
  4 3 2

Airdrie Ladies

Yellow Cards
Red Cards