Hello and welcome back to another edition of Warriors Weekly. It was a double win for the Warriors this weekend as our men’s and women’s sides both picked up wins. Read all about those victories and much more below!

Stenhousemuir FC vs Stranraer FC

Swifty stuck with the same team that picked up our first away league win of the season.

GOAL: Great start to the game with Ross Forbes drilling the ball out wide to Callum Yeats. He fired the ball across and Will Sewell was in the position to pounce and get his 3rd goal of the season. STENHOUSEMUIR 1-0 STRANRAER [Will Sewell 4 minutes]

That goal gave the home side the boost that they needed as they look to pick up their first win over Stranraer since January 2017.

10 minutes in and both teams are looking to create the chance. Plenty of passes and build up from both teams, but neither side creating solid chance.

That did change moments later when Nicky Jamieson missed a header in the box. Craig Malcolm did make contact though, but his header came back off the post much to Brennan and Jamieson’s delight.

20 minutes gone and the game has been evenly played out. Still no, neither side creating any proper goal scoring opportunities.

Stranraer had a good chance on 23 minutes as Josh Walker found his feet after slipping in the box, but his shot was driven well over.

GOAL: Will Sewell done well to win the home side a corner and Adam Brown swing in an in-swinger which was met by Nicky Jamieson who headed down and Will Sewell managed to nick it passed the keeper STENHOUSEMUIR 2-0 STRANRAER [Will Sewell 31 minutes]

GOAL: Another corner, another goal! Adam Brown with another in-swinger and Sean Crighton managed to head home hist first of the season. STENHOUSEMUIR 3-0 STRANRAER [Sean Crighton 36 minutes]

Matty Yates had a good opportunity to get a goal against his old side, but he dragged a shot just wide.


Half time change for The Warriors as Mikey Anderson replaces Dan Higgins who picked up a knock in he first half. It means that Swifty reverts to a back 4 for the second half.

GOAL: a quick response for the visitors as some sloppy defending by Stranraer saw the ball drop to James Hilton who drilled home STENHOUSEMUIR 3-1 STRANRAER [Hilton 53 minutes]

The visitors have definitely came out stronger this half and The Warriors have struggled to really get the 2nd half started.

SUBSTITUTION: Swifty looks to change again with Ross Forbes leaving the pitch to be replaced by Euan O’Reilly 15 minutes into the 2nd half.

It’s still Stranraer on the ascendency and they are chapping again at Conor Brennan’s goal, but the Warriors are holding.

Into the last 20 minutes and Adam Brown almost scored a sensational goal with only the crossbar stopping his 25 yard drive from hitting the back of the net.

SUBSTITUTION: 15 to play and Will Sewell is replaced by Tam Orr

Good chance as Adam Brown finds Euan O’Reilly on the left with Tam Orr in the middle. His cross was too high though and fizzed out for a goal kick.

Into the final 10 and Stenhousemuir get a break as Matty Grant picks up a second yellow card for a foul on Adam Brown. 10 to play and the visitors are down to 10 men.

Another good chance for the Warriors again Euan O’Reilly drills across the box but only a Stranraer defender can get n the end of it. And the exact same a few minutes later.

There was a final chance to make it 4 in stoppage time, but Matty Yates could only face a good save from Scullion.



WarriorsTV spoke with STEPHEN SWIFT and WILL SEWELL following the match. Highlights can also be found HERE!

It’s 3rd vs 4th this Saturday as we make the trip to Bayview Stadium to take on East Fife. This is the first league meeting between the sides since April 2019, where a Ruaridh Donaldson goal saw the Warriors earn a point.

Admission for Saturday’s match is set at £18/14/5 and tickets can be bought HERE!

The Supporter’s bus leaves Ochilview at 12pm. Prices are set at £20/10. Names to Andy McPhate as usual.

Stenhousemuir FC vs Edinburgh Caledonia FC 

Looking to bounce back after a disappointing result last week the Warriors went into this game with a real desire to get the win. Edinburgh had only managed 1 win the opening 3 games of the season so they also had a real motivation to win and with both teams sitting in 5th and 6th place with 2 points between them there was everything to play for.

Jack Cameron had the largest squad selection hes had to date with 15 players available. Two trialists were named in the squad, one of which was in the starting 11. The rest of the team consisted of Emma King in goals, Jude Connolly, Paterson, Vickerman and Leah Jones in defense, Montgomery, Clare Wilson, Ahira and Richard-Campbell in midfield and Maguire was joined up front with the Trialist. Pearson, Trialist 2, Kelly and Dolan started on the bench. Erin Wilson was the notable abscence as the squad capitain was unavilable for the game, alongside Lucy Sullivan and Carolanne Phee who missed out after picking up a suspension in the last match.

The Warriors got off to a good start, Maguire broke free in the box and was wiped out by the Edinburgh Caledonia keeper 2 minutes into the match as the ref pointed to the spot.

GOAL STENHOUSEMUIR: The trialist stepped up to take the penalty and made no mistake. STENHOUSEMUIR 1-0 EDINBURGH CALEDONIA [Trialist 3?]

Straight from kick off the Warriors grabbed another couple of chances as Clare Wilson and almost catches the keeper off her line and Montgomery linking with Maguire almost creates a chance down the right.

Montgomery breaks away down the right wing a few minutes later and fires in a fantastic pass to Richard-Campbell who gets her shot away. The keeper is able to save it. A few minutes later Joanne Russell almost breaks free in the Stenny box but Leah Jones manages to get her body infron of the ball and it rolls into the keepers hands.

On the 10 minute mark the ref pauses the game as the Edinburgh Caley number 10 Kirsty Compston goes to ground and has to be withdrawn. Hopefully shes okay.

It becomes quite apparent early on that there will be alot of offsides in this game as both teams seemed to be playing a really highline.

The ball breaks down the right hand side of the park for Katy Anne Watt who manages to get a shot on the Stenny goal but she cant keep it down and it heads out of play.

GOAL STENHOUSEMUIR: A poor pass from Platt lands at the feet of Eirinn Maguire who flicks it onto Montgomery on the right wing. Montgomoery runs into the box and smashes it into the roof of the net. STENHOUSEMUIR 2-0 EDINBURGH CALEDONIA [Montgomery 25?]

The high lines from both teams begin to show as the ref starts giving more and more offsides. The game struggles to maintain any real rhythm as a result.

The ball in cleared by Leah Jones and lands in the Edinburgh box. Maguire is quick to get on the end of it but comes off worse than the keeper in a 50/50 that was for sure a goal if it had went the other way. Great strength from the Caley keeper Taylor.

Rachel Vickerman plays a key role in the opening 35 minutes, showing real composure and making sure she gets on the end of everything that comes her way. She picks up the ball with a quick turn of pace at the back and takes it for a run down the wing before a late challenge from Burge takes her down. She goes down holding her face and appears to be in a good bit of pain. She spends a good few minutes on the ground before getting back up and returning to the field.

Clare Wilson whips in the resulting free kick. Initally the Caley defender picks it up but Richard-Campbell nicks it for her feet before doing a brilliant turn and smashing it towards goal. The post came to Edinburgh Caleys aid but the ball bounces out to Montgomery who smashes it back in. The keeper can only get a touch on it and paws it back into the danger zone. The ball eventually bobbles back out to Clare Wilson who hits a shot on target that the keeper is able to collect. A bit of a shaky moment for the Caley defense.

Shantel Paterson wins a header in the midfield and releases Maguire down the wing. She cuts the pass back to Richard-Campbell who smashes a shot goalwards that deflects over the bar for a corner.

GOAL STENHOUSEMUIR: Richard-Campbell takes the corner she won and curls it right into the back of the net from the corner! STENHOUSEMUIR 3-0 EDINBURGH CALEDONIA [Richard-Campbell 45?]

GOAL EDINBURGH CALEDONIA: Straight from the kick off, Edinburgh create a great passing play. The ball finds Friederike Burge who slots it into Jane Macrae who makes no mistakes. STENHOUSEMUIR 3-1 EDINBURGH CALEDONIA [Macrae 45?]

HALF TIME: Stenhousemuir 3-1 Edinburgh Caledonia 

Edinburgh Caley start the half slightly stronger than Stenny.

GOAL STENHOUSEMUIR: Leah Jones makes a defensive clerance which plays Eirinn Maguire through on goal. Because of the high line Eirinn skips past the defence and slots it past the keeper. STENHOUSEMUIR 4-1 EDINBURGH CALEDONIA [Maguire 48?]

The amount of offisides in this game must have reached double figures. The high lines keep catching each other out as Edinburgh and Stenny players both find themselves free of the defense before the ref pulls it back.

Clare Wilson manages to beat the offside trap though and finds herself free down the wing. She crosses into the Trialist who cant quite get her head on it. The ball bounces back out to Leah Jones who skips round half the Caley team and fires a shot at goal. It ends up being a tame effort in truth but it was great play to get the space.

GOAL EDINBURGH CALEDONIA: Caley begin adding pressure. The ball is cleared but lands at the feet of Beth Mackenzie who shots from miles out and dips the keeper. STENHOUSEMUIR 4-2 EDINBURGH CALEDONIA [Mackenzie 58?]

SUBSTITUTION: Jack Cameron makes a change after the goal. Rachel Vickerman who appears to still be struggling from the knock she took in the first half is withdrawn and the second Trialist is brought into the match.

Trialist 2 almost makes an immediate impact as Connolly takes the ball a run down the wing, nutmegs the left back and plays in Montgomery who flashes it across the face of goal. Trialist 2 is so close to getting on the end of it but the attack fizzles out.

YELLOW CARD: Connolly picks up the first card of the match for kicking a ball down the wing after it had already gone out of play.

GOAL EDINBURGH CALEDONIA: Edinburgh win posession from a Stenny goal kick. The ball is worked well between the players before it fids Katy Watt. Emma King almost grabs the ball from her feet but it bobbles into the path of Samatha Hyett who fires it in. STENHOUSEMUIR 4-3 EDINBURGH [Hyett 68?]

The game is becoming more open as Edinburgh start to grow more into the match. More offsides follow. Edinburgh seem to be getting more of the ball. Stenny are still creating chances though.

A great interchange of passes between Jones and the two trialists sends the ball into the back of the net but the ref pulls it back again for offside.

Trialist 1 is released in the 76th minute and tries to lob the keeper but the ball just floats over the bar.

SUBSTITUTION: Chloe Pearson comes on to take the place of Nimi Ahira.

Edinburgh are really pushing for an equaliser but Stenny are still in the game. An extremely poor pass from the Edinburgh keeper gives the ball straight to Trialist 2 who snatches at the shot and sends it just past the post.

GOAL EDINBURGH CALEDONIA: A quick throw in leaves the Warriors not prepeared in the box. The ball bounces through a few players before it finds the feet of Samantha Hyett who again fires it into the back of the net for her second of the match, pulling back an equaliser in the last minutes of the game. STENHOUSEMUIR 4-4 EDINBURGH CALEDONIA [Hyett 85?]

Stenny begin pushing much higher to try and retaliate. A few more offside decisions are given. Jude Connolly becomes a player possessed though as the right back begins chasing down everyone including the keeper.

Connolly finds herself high up the park when the ball breaks to Trialist 2 on the right wing. She feeds her in with a great pass and Connolly takes on the keeper who makes a fantastic save to keep it level.

GOAL STENHOUSEMUIR: Jude Connolly. Playing higher up the pitch than the winger, Montgomery drops deep to collect the ball and slots it in for Connolly. She takes it past the Left back and sprints into the box before smashing it into the top of the net! STENHOUSEMUIR 5-4 EDINBURGH CALEDONIA [Connolly 90?]

The Warriors manage to pull ahead in the dying seconds of the match.



WarriorsTV spoke with JACK CAMERON and JUDE CONNOLLY following the match. Highlights from the 9 goal thriller can also be found HERE!

It’s a weekend off for our Women’s side as the SWF Championship and League One Cup kicks off this weekend. The Warriors received a bye to the second round so have a free week.

We take on Gleniffer Thistle next Sunday. Details for that match will be in next week’s edition.

For this week’s interview, we spoke with one of the longest tenured members of the club. He’s taken on multiple roles throughout the years to aid the club and is still heavily involved to this day. Warriors Weekly spoke with Sandy Reid.

We started off by asking Sandy what he does for the club?

All right, I’ve got a couple of roles and one is a paid employment doing the 5-a sides, getting stuff ready for matchdays, cleaning wise etc. The 5-a sides involved taking the money, being the key holder and making sure everything is ready for the customer etc. and having upstairs cleaned, along side Gareth, for hospitality for matchdays.

What does Sandy do on matchdays?

“I work matchdays on a voluntary basis. What I do there is mainly media. I write the match programs and sell them along side 50/50 tickets, mainly to the away support, with the way it’s working in the ground. I write the programs during the week, trying to collate various things and add historical items to it.

Other things I do on matchdays are occasionally be the kitman, for when Oscar is on holiday, and this season I’ve been doing more photography, covering for Tom or being a backup photographer for him.

For away games, I mainly do photography and compile the match reports for the home programs. Ian Fitzpatrick does the social media stuff and does a full match report for the website but I do a small report with a photo for the program. In the past, I also used to do the Falkirk Herald reports for away matches. So obviously I had to concentrate at these times rather than doing photography.

What other roles does Sandy have at the club?

“I am the unofficial club historian. When Margaret gets emails asking about past players or anything historical, they get sent to me and I go and do the research.

How did Sandy get involved in the club and when did he get involved?

“My first regular season was 1974/75, that shows my age, I was season ticket number one. I started doing turnstile work in 1978 and continued with that. I run the supporter’s club buses for years. I also ran the 50/50, the programs and the pie hut with another boy, called Bobby Hutchinson.”

The Scottish Women’s National side were in action this past week. They took on Netherlands in a friendly, where they lost 2-1 before beating the Faroe Islands 6-0 in World Cup Qualifying action. The side will find out tomorrow who they’ll face in the World Cup Play-offs as they aim to make the World Cup!

Two of our club sides have been in European action this past week. On Tuesday night, Celtic welcomed, the European Champions, Real Madrid to Parkhead. Madrid showed why they are defending Champions League winners as they won 3-0 against the unbeaten Premiership leaders. Last night, Rangers made the trip to Amsterdam to take on Ajax, looking to get back to form after losing 4-0 in the Old Firm at the weekend. It would be another 4-0 defeat for the Gers as they sit bottom of their group after one game with Napoli beating Liverpool 4-1 in the other match.

Hearts are in Conference League action later today as they take on Istanbul Basaksehir. That match kicks off at 5:45pm.