We wanted to update our supporters regarding the impacts that the current Coronavirus pandemic will have on Stenhousemuir Football Club and what measures we can take to stay as safe as possible.

First and foremost, the COVID-19 strain of the Coronavirus is a very serious disease and the health and wellbeing of everyone in our community is our first priority.  All decisions that are taken will be led by advice from the UK and Scottish Governments and fully informed by science and health experts.

Secondly, we all have a shared responsibility to tackle the spread of COVID-19.  Anyone with symptoms or who may be at greater risk of complications from the illness should act in the best interests of all concerned.

As regards the detailed aspects of Stenhousemuir FC operations, we can give the following update:-

  1. The Scottish FA has announced that all matches under their jurisdiction are postponed until further notice.  This affects all SPFL fixtures including ours.  We will need to wait for further clarification as to what this will mean in the longer term.  For now, all Stenhousemuir FC first team matches are postponed until further notice.
  2. The Scottish Government has announced that all gatherings of 500 people or more are to be cancelled.  This will need to be considered alongside the Scottish FA postponement of all fixtures.
  3.  We all have a shared responsibility to slow the spread of the Coronavirus.  As per the latest Government advice, if you are experiencing flu like symptoms, then we would ask that you do not attend any football matches or visit Ochilview.  The Government advice is to self-isolate for seven days and depending on the severity of symptoms, to seek medical advice.  Please follow the advice found here – https://www.gov.scot/coronavirus-covid-19/
  4. COVID-19 is particularly serious for some groups in society, particularly among older age groups and those with underlying health concerns.  We would ask all supporters to consider their own circumstances.  If you feel that you are at a greater risk of complications from COVID-19, then you should consider whether or not attending football matches is in your own best interests.
  5.  The way that this disease is spread is predominantly through the mouth and nose.  The most effective way to combat infection is through regular hand washing with soap.  Good personal hygiene is essential.  This means increasing the frequency of hand washing and trying to limit the amount of times you touch your own face, particularly around the nose and mouth areas.  Once again, please follow the advice from the Scottish Government on this using the above link.  Please also try to limit coming into contact with people closer than 2m/6ft away.
  6. We are currently asking for further advice from experts regarding our community teams and football programmes.  At present, we have been advised that there is no need to suspend or cancel these activities.  We will of course keep on top of the latest advice and act accordingly and in the best interests of public health.

This is a very dynamic situation and our Governments are updating their advice on a daily basis as the spread of the disease continues.  It is very clear that the number of cases will continue to grow and that there is no way to turn the clock back.  We must do what is right to slow the spread of COVID-19 and do what we can to isolate and protect those most vulnerable in our community.

We as a Club are actively looking at what more we can do to support our community during this crisis.  In the meantime, we will aim to keep everyone up to date with any latest news through our website and social media channels.