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After a last minute winner in the previous match the Warriors were hopeful they could try and secure a more comfortable win, while Gleniffer, who have struggled so far this season were aiming to grab their first points of the season.

Jack Cameron had one of the largest teams hes had to date available for selection with 16 players, but still had a few notable abscences as Rachel Vickerman and Erin Wilson were unavailable for selection. Three trialists made up part of the squad consisting of Harkness in goals, Connolly, Paterson, Wilson and Sullivan in defence, Montgomery, Ahira, Jones and Kelly in midfield and Maguire up front with one of the Trialists. Richard-Campbell, Dolan and Pearson started on the bench alongside the other 2 Trialists. Carolanne Phee was still missing as she carried out the final match of her suspension.

The Warriors got the game underway and began well. Trialist A got a chance away early on as she picked the ball up outside of the box, turned, and hit an incredible strike from 22 yeards out which glanced off the bar and went out for a goal kick.

They kept the pressure up though. A few minutes later Connolly broke free on the wing before being brought down cynically. The ball kept rolling through though and found Eirinn Maguire completely unmarked in the box so the referee played the advantage. Maguire maybe had a little too much free time though as she headed for the keeper and hit her shot, but the keeper got a hand on it. Sullivan picked up the clearance from the middle of the park and ran towards the box, playing a nice 1-2 with Kelly before hitting a shot but the keeper gets a leg on it before Gleniffer are able to clear their lines. Two good chances in quick sucession.

GOAL STENHOUSEMUIR: Jude Connolly picks the ball up in the middle of the park and skips past the entire Gleniffer midfield before laying it into Trialist 1 who again turns from more than 20 yards out, and smashes it into the top of the net. STENHOUSEMUIR 1-0 GLENIFFER THISTLE [Trialist A 41′]

GOAL GLENIFFER THISTLE: Immediately from kick off, the Warriors make a slack pass at the back which is picked up by Donegan, who lays it into Chloe Devine who fires it into the back of the net from a very similar position to the Trialist goal only 1 minute earlier. STENHOUSEMUIR 1-1 GLENIFFER THISTLE [Devine 42′]

HALF TIME: Stenhousemuir 1-1 Gleniffer Thistle

SUBSTITUTION: 2 changes for the Warriors during the break as Sarah Kelly and Nimi Ahira are removed and replaced by Trialist B and Richard-Campbell.

Immediatley from kick off the Warriors press and win the ball. Richard-Campbell then drives down the left before laying it into Trialist A who tees it up for Leah Jones to take a shot which the keeper the saves.

A few minutes later Jones picks the ball up in the middle of the park before slotting it into Richard-Campbell who plays a sublime pass through the entire Gleniffer defense into Trialist A but somehow the keeper manages to get her fingertips onto the shot and the Gleniffer defense scramble it clear.

SUBSTITUTION: Montgomery is wathdrawn and replaced with Trialist C.

Gleniffer win a freekick on the halfway line as Jude Connolly tries to take the ball past the Thistle winger but ends up taking her down with a challnege when she wins the ball.

GOAL GLENIFFER THISTLE: Abbie Scally takes the freekick and drops it in over the head of Paterson into the feet of Jeniffer Caldwell who knocks it over the keeper and pulls Thistle into the lead. STENHOUSEMUIR 1-2 GLENIFFER THISTLE [Caldwell 72′]

Despite having less chances, Gleniffer have been more clinical and manage to pull ahead. The Warriors begin to turn up the pressure as they seek an equaliser.

A gleniffer goal kick is intercepted by Jones who feeds in Trialist A and is brought down about 25 yeards out.

GOAL STENHOUSEMUIR: Trialist B steps up to take the freekick and smashes it into the top right corner of the net. STENHOUSEMUIR 2-2 GLENIFFER THISTLE [Trialist B 86′]

The last few minutes become an excersice is time wasting as Gleniffer try their best to hold onto the draw. Stenny press hard and manage a few more chances but are unable to find the breakthrough goal.

FULL TIME: Stenhousemuir 2-2 Gleniffer Thistle


After the match, Head Coach Jack Cameron said “We were just poor from start to finish to be honest. For the first time since ive been here I dont think we can take very many positives from the game. We lacked energy. We lacked agression, desire. Quality on the ball. They’ve had two weeeks off, we had the biggest bench since I’ve been here so there is no excuses today. They know themselves it was unacceptable and I take full responsibility.”

“The objective today was to come and get 3 points and we havent achieved that.”

“The two trialists that got on the score sheet, both did well for us today. (Trialist A) was our main threat going forward and (Trialist B) improved the group when she came on at halftime. She was a bit more vocal, wanted to get on the ball, keep it simple. But in general I think today was a bit of a write off. I dont want to be too doom and gloom but at the same time I want to be honest with the players aswell. We know we need to improve and we cant get away with performances like that in this league. It doesnt matter if a team has 0 points or 12 out of 12. We need to treat every game with respect because if you dont show up teams will punish you.”

“Looking towards next week the plan is the same as usual. We treat every game as an indivual. Every week is a fresh week, fresh game, fresh points up for grabs. So we will go in with the same intention to win the game as we always do. But we will go away now for a couple of days. Come back in again for training and this result is forgotten. We assess the negatives and try and correct it and then we attack the next game.”







Date Time League Season Full Time
September 18, 2022 2:30 pm SWF League One 2022/23 93'


Ochilview Park
55 Gladstone Rd, Stenhousemuir, Larbert FK5, UK. What 3 Words reference: overdone.machine.darkens


Stenhousemuir WFC2Draw
Gleniffer Thistle2Draw

Stenhousemuir WFC

Jude Connolly Defender 41'
Samantha Montgomery Forward
Eirinn Maguire Forward
Shantel Paterson Defender
Lucy Sullivan Defender
Leah Jones Midfielder
Clare Wilson Defender
Toni Harkness Goalkeeper
Nimi Ahira Midfielder
Sarah Kelly Forward
Zoë Richard-Campbell Midfielder
Helen Templeton Forward 41'
  1 1

Gleniffer Thistle

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