Due to sickness in the media team over the weekend, the match coverage was stretched. As a result, match highlights and reports will be out as soon as possible, and our usual post match content has had to be watered down this week.

However, the website was able to catch up with Stephen Swift though on Saturday night following a poor result in Stranraer.

“Obviously it’s really disappointing in terms of the first goal, we’ve gifted it, again. And then you’re already at a difficult place, taking on a decent team. But, the fact is, if you keep gifting gaols, you’re going to really struggle. And then, I thought that we had a really good spell before their second goal, which was a cross to the back post and obviously, we didn’t deal well with the first header, didn’t deal well with the 2nd one, and the boy’s prodded it in. I thought that we could’ve done a lot better with that. But, again, I thought that we finished the half well in terms of getting back. We got a life line with our attackers and the message was that we will get another goal, but can we keep it tight. We got a great lift with them going down to 10 men and you think that we can go and kick and, at least, get a point from the game. But, really poor defending again and individual errors has killed us. They’ve then went up the park, should really good desire, and got their third goal. It just really leaves question marks in terms of how we’re defending as a whole, and it’s absolutely killing us. Obviously we get it back to 3-2 and could’ve had a penalty, but the linesman had given offside just before it. But, it’s devastating in terms of the amount of goals that we’re conceding and the actual manner of them. It’s individual errors constantly.”

It must be good to see that the team are scoring goals with the 2nd highest scored in the league, but even that isn’t helping us at the moment.

“Listen, we’ve got dangerous players at the top end of the pitch. Even when the subs come on, they add a different dimension, so, we’ve really got that part nailed down. But, at the other side of the pitch, we can’t do the basics right; win headers, win tackles, defend well and with that, you won’t have much chance of winning games of football unfortunately. And until the players can step up and get that right, we’re going to be an inconsistent team. But, as you say, we’ve got a lot of good players up the top end of the pitch.”