We are aware of some issues with our live stream test events that took place on the last two Saturdays.

In particular, there are moments in the game when the automated camera doesn’t track the flow of play as effectively as it should.  We are working with the streaming provider to find solutions to these issues.  Whilst we have been able to work on colour corrections and some other issues through short mid-week test events, we do need to identify issues during an entire 90 minutes of play and the only way we can do this is during live games.  In normal circumstances, this testing and evaluation would have been carried out internally with no public access.  However, as we were mindful that supporters had not had the opportunity to see the Warriors play since March, and aware that supporters could not attend any training or pre-season events due to the COVID restrictions, we took the decision to open up the livestream pre-season test events to everyone.

Unfortunately, this does mean that there will be technical issues and the product is not in a finished state.  As an example, in week one, we did not trial any time & score keeping graphics.  These were introduced for testing at yesterday’s game.  We do plan to trial live commentary, but this requires additional technical input and equipment but will be introduced in a further trial.

All feedback will be passed back to the streaming provider and they will be making adjustments and recommendations in order to get the quality of the feed to where we need it to be.  Whilst we cannot expect full TV production quality, we do want the best possible livestream experience for supporters in place in time for the start of the new season in mid-October.

It looks increasingly likely that we will not be able to welcome supporters back into stadiums anytime soon.  This is disappointing as we firmly believe that we could have limited numbers at Ochilview safely.  However, in the meantime, we are doing what we can to keep supporters in touch with the club and the new livestreaming is a big part of that.  It will never replace live action and the feeling of being amongst friends at Ochilview, but it will hopefully keep everyone in touch with the action until our doors are open once again.

Thanks for your patience and continued support.