Help us make Ochilview a home to be proud of


As we rebuild we wish to make Ochilview a home to be proud of. Can you help us get Ochilview Park ready for the new season?


We have a plan around modernisation of the ground but in the short term we wish to bring it back to standard after lying fallow. We need your help short term to head to Ochilview with other like minded folk to undertake odd jobs and deal with a ground which has had 3 months of no TLC! If you are able to give up anytime at all, even a couple of hours you can play your part in making our home, your home, a place to be proud of.


Jobs include cleaning, tidying, painting, weeding, basic repairs and many other small tasks. The club will be open 10-3 each day with social distancing measures in place at all times.


This is for anyone but if there are any tradespeople out there we would love to hear from you also as we have some skilled jobs that need done that would make a big difference to our facility.


If you are able to help out, whatever commitment you are able to give, please give us a call on 01324 466536