I’d like to start by making special mention of the people that are going the extra mile to support our football club, and our community.

We are all still adjusting to our new normal.  We’re largely confined to our own homes, and the entire world is focused on the Coronavirus.  Quite rightly so.  But a great many people are also thinking of others.  I’ll start with our first team management team, Davie Irons, Kevin McGoldrick and David Binnie.  Right at the outset as football was being suspended, they got in touch to ‘instruct’ us, that they would no longer be taking their salaries.  They wanted to help the club, look after their players and the club staff.  What a fantastic gesture from them all.  It tells you all you need to know about their character.

It didn’t stop there, with the football club facing a very uncertain financial future, the office and community staff, as well as the many others that help with a great number of jobs around the club, all stepped up and offered to take wage reductions through this difficult period.  In most cases, this is their only income, and their livelihood.  And they were all willing to offer to help the club.  There is a shared solidarity to help each other.  Spreading the burden might mean that no individual is hit hard.  And it all helps the club battle against what can only be described as a financial crisis.  I speak for every member of the Board when I say a big thank you to every person who has offered a financial sacrifice to help the club, and be there for each other.

We’ve had a surge in people wanting to buy shares in the club.  Many have.  Welcome to The Warriors.  We’ve had people making donations, and lots more offers too.  Every supporter, and all the community parents who are continuing to support us financially, it is really appreciated.  It means we can continue to try and support our young people, and our wider community.

I’d also like to thank the volunteers who are manning our Community Help Initiative.  We have over 70 people signed up.  These aren’t just names on a list.  These 70 people are out there actively helping people in the community.  They’re walking dogs, going shopping, picking up prescriptions, and checking in by phone and video to people that need help, can’t get out, or just need reassurance.  A large number of the volunteers had no prior connection to the club.  They do now.  They may have no interest in football, they might support another club, it doesn’t matter.  They are part of the Warriors family now and I pay tribute to every one of them.

Over the last couple of days we’ve delivered well over 100 school meals to people.  If a full family has to isolate and can’t get out to pick them up, we’ll step in and help.  We’re coordinating with the local council, with our local Councillors, and with our cluster schools.

As a football club we may not be out there on the pitch playing games and training our youngsters, but we are as active as ever in our community.  At the core of this is people helping each other.  THANK YOU once again.