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With the continuing spread of the Coronavirus, Scottish football faces an uncertain future.  It is quite clear that there will be a significant impact on football operations and finances, and Stenhousemuir Football Club will no doubt be affected by this.

However, there are other, more important matters to think about.  The Coronavirus COVID-19 is a very serious disease that will affect thousands within our communities.  The health and wellbeing of friends, neighbours and members of our community should be our top priority.

We’d like to do something to help.

We’re launching a new Community Help Initiative.  This is a scheme where we aim to support the most vulnerable in our community with tasks that they may not be able to fulfill due to the Coronavirus.  This could be things like getting out to the shops, or picking up prescriptions, or walking the dog.  These may be some of the jobs that can’t be completed if elderly or vulnerable people are concerned about leaving their homes.  We can help.  Our community coaches, staff or newly identified community volunteers will do these jobs for you.

Those who need help just need to call our new Community Help Hotline, where someone will answer the call, take a few details, and then we will get someone out to help.

Please note however, the advice from health professionals is that we cannot help those who may already be infected with the Coronavirus.

If you need a little help during this difficult period due to the Coronavirus, or if you want to volunteer your services, get in touch with us:-

Call Stenhousemuir Football Club Community Help Hotline01324 466563