Massive thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday morning and helped clear snow to ensure our match took place.

It was a club and community effort, with around 30 people assisting at one point.  At 11am it looked unlikely that the game would be on as there was a couple of inches of snow blanketing the pitch.  As more people answered the call and arrived to help, eventually real progress was being made.  Finally, by around 130pm, the pitch was finally cleared.

Players, management, directors, staff, helpers, coaches, supporters and even a local councillor, all helped out to make it a real community effort.  Thanks also to a couple of helpers from the visiting team.  Postponing games not only causes issues with trying to get matches replayed midweek, but there can be a significant financial loss incurred.  As well as the pitch being clear for Saturday’s game, it also meant that all the community and private bookings were able to take place over the rest of the weekend.

Thank You!