There are only TWO players left to have their Home Jerseys sponsored.

The Two players left  are:- 

Euan Murray and Jon McShane. 

Both players were outstanding in last night's victory over Raith Rovers in the 2nd Round of the Petrofac Training Cup. 

Lets have one final push so that we can have all our 1st Team squad sponsored as we get into the season long fight in the Ladbrokes League 1.

The cost to sponsor a player is £100.

For this, you will be presented with the signed Home Jersey by the player concerned, and if you wish have your picture taken with him and have it displayed on the players profile page on the website along with your name which will remain there during the course of the season.

If you have a business and would like to sponsor someone you can also have a link to your own companies website included in the cost of the player sponsorship.

To sponsor a player contact General Manager, Margaret Kilpatrick in the club office on 01324-562992 or by email at

Set out below is the complete list of 1st Team squad players plus the Manager and his staff who are also available to sponsor

                                                            HOME                                                AWAY

Alan Cook                                       Martin McNairney                        Rab & Tricia Dickson

Jamie Barclay                                   P  Moulds & B Hutchison             Available to sponsor

Mark Gilhaney                                  Jennifer Orr                                 Available to sponsor

Liam Henderson                              David Reid                                   Gordon Cook

Stuart Malcolm                                Iain McMenamy                           Available to sponsor

Anthony Marenghi                          Terry Bulloch                               Available to sponsor

Jamie McCormack                           Brown the Butchers                     Available to sponsor

Colin McMenamin                           Robert Beagley                            Available to sponsor

Jon McShane                                   Available to sponsor                    Memorial Warriors

Ross Meechan                                 Rachel McKinlay                          The Nivens

Kieran Millar                                   Mike Hitchen                                Available to sponsor

Euan Murray                                   Available to sponsor                     Available to sponsor

Jon Robertson                                Malcolm, Keith, Dave & Will          Brown the Butchers

Dean Shaw                                     Tom Frame                                    Available to sponsor

Allan Smith                                    Peter McKenzie                              Available to sponsor

Stephen Stirling                             Warriors Sports Society(Trust)      Michael Fraser

Ciaran Summers                            Sam Thompson                             Ragnar Weseth

Carlos Mazana-Martinez               Margaret Orr                                 Available to sponsor

Grant Hamilton                             Aaron Reid                                     Available to sponsor 

The Manager and backroom staff are also available to sponsor please see below to see who is available.

Brown Ferguson (Manager)                          Haypark Properties

Davie Irons (Asst Manager)                           Josh Orr, Cameron Shaw and Luke Irons

Davie Binnie (Goalkeeper Coach)                  Available to sponsor

Graeme Donald (U20’s Coach)                     Available to sponsor

Melanie Stewart (Physio)                              Available to sponsor

Stuart Orr (Kit Man)                                     Terje Eriksen & Bill Casey