Statement from the Warriors Trust and the SFC Supporters Club

Over the past week there have been discussions between the Warriors Trust and the SFC supporters club regarding membership numbers and we have come to the conclusion that a club our size and with our limited fan base can no longer support two fans organisations.  Many of the original Supporters club members were lost to Warriors abroad and Norwegian fan clubs and a large number  of the fans in the Supporters Club are existing members of the Trust. Therefore it seems the most logical way forward is to combine the two bodies. As a result the SFC supporters club will be disbanded.  The Chairman of the Supporters Club, Jackie Valentine has been invited to join the committee of the Trust and we have also agreed to continue with the awarding of a fans Player of the Year award at next years POTY event.  

Any SFC supporters club members that are not already members of the Trust are most welcome to join the choose either of the 3 membership levels:

·         Bronze £5 per annum

·         Silver £5 per month

·         Gold £10 per month

If you are currently a SFC Supporters club member and wish to join the Trust or have any other questions, then please contact Graeme Wallace on 07736 040738 or visit the Trust page on the Warriors website for more details.

Both Jackie and myself hope that you can see the logic behind this move and continue to support the club through the Warriors Trust.

Thank you

Graeme Wallace


Warriors Supporters Trust