Warriors Trust

The 'Warriors Supports Trust' is registered with the Financial Services Agency as a not-for-profit Industrial and Provident Society. It was established in 2003. It works with the Board of the football club and the Supporters Club to develop a more successful football club.

It is a democratic organisation based on one vote per person, and its committee is elected every year by the members. It is the largest shareholder in the club with 20 % of the shares so that no individual(s) can wrest the control of the club away from its supporters.

It has a democratically-elected representative on the Stenhousemuir FC Board to relay supporter's ideas and wishes. This person serves two years on the Board before being replaced by another member of the committee.

The annual membership subscription of the Trust is £5 but it is much appreciated if Trust members take out either a 'silver' membership of £5 a month, or a 'gold' membership of £10 a month. The cash obtained from membership of the Trust is used to buy shares the football club has for sale, and hence the club will directly benefit financially.

Since its inception the Trust has given money to the club and its members have given their time and labour towards several projects:

  • The terracing has been covered with a roof the money and labour given by Trust members
  • The Trust has given money towards the cost of providing new floodlights
  • The Trust has provided the money and labour to move and refurbish the 'Wee Bar' underneath the stand.


The history of the Warriors stretches back 125 years. Throughout that period there have been highs and lows, but there has always been a club. A supporters' trust cannot guarantee greater success but works to ensure the club continues for the benefit of the community and the next generation of fans. The Trust seeks to safeguard the club's long term future.

What is a Trust?

Over the few years Supporters' Trusts have been formed in most Scottish and English Clubs. Some of these have been in response to a financial crisis at their clubs, where the very existence of the club has been at stake, but others have been set up to help ensure that the club remains democratic and community-run. Most of these organisations have been formed with the assistance of a public funded body - 'Supporters' Direct in Scotland' - set up to support the creation and continuance of these grass roots societies.
It is generally accepted that Stenhousemuir FC has a strong community emphasis, with a Board from the community. However, a few determined individuals could rest this structure away and a Supporters Trust works to ensure that this does not occur.
A Supporters' Trust is an organization formed by fans to strengthen the bonds between the club and the community, and to represent the interests of the community in the running of the club. It is a non-profit making Industrial & Provident Society and is answerable in law, thereby ensuring it is run in a legally responsible manner. For legal reasons it is called the Warriors Sport Society, but we all know it as the Warriors Supporters Trust. It holds 20% of the shares in the club that have been donated by and purchased from shareholders, and through these actions is the biggest shareholder. It can also hold shareholder's proxies for the AGM of the club, should any motion be proposed that is against the benefit of the fans and community. It can also in  the same way support the SFC Board to promote things that are in the interest of the club and supporters.
Although the trust is independent of the Supporters Club we work together. There is also no conflict with the SFC Board, and they see it as a safeguard to their activities and endorse the setting up of a Trust. It was the Board who proposed at the AGM a change in the club's rules of association so that shareholders can directly transfer shares to the Trust. A member of the Trust' Committee is on the SFC Board.


The Trust will be owned and run by YOU, the members. Each person has one vote and they elect a committee to manage the Trusts affairs. Important decisions are taken at General Meetings where every member has a single vote regardless of how much they have given to the Trust. Any member can stand for election to the Society Board at the AGM.


Every Trust has a set of rules that it must follow and will be under the guidance off the Government sponsored body 'Supporters Direct in Scotland'. The rules make it clear that the Trust must be run for the benefit of the community and that no individual can outvote any other. Nobody is paid, or receives expenses, from Trust funds.
A £5 annual fee is charged for joining the trust, but it is more benefit to the Trust if supporters subscribe either £5 or £10 a month that will be used to purchase shares and help the football club.

Your Reward

By joining the Trust you'll show that you agree that the Warriors future needs to be safeguarded and believe that supporters can play a responsible role in the running of the club. You'll show that you believe that the club is an important asset that should be run for the benefit of the community. You will jointly own shares in the club and your financial contribution will be used to buy shares and benefit the club e.g. in the building of the terracing and the Wee Bar. Along with over 100 sets of supporters of football clubs throughout the UK, you'll be agreeing that collectively we can ensure that the club is run democratically.