The ‘Rag Bag’ recycling scheme has been developed to provide regular fundraising for schools, clubs, nurseries and various organisations UK Wide.
The scheme increases awareness about textile recycling and by increasing recycling rates we can help the environment by ensuring less material goes to landfill. Through Rag Bag you are able to help recycle textiles and clothing that may have ended up going to landfill.
It is estimated that approximately 1.75 million tonnes of clothing waste is produced in the UK every year.
Out of this vast tonnage around 1.2 million tonnes is sent unnecessarily to landfill. If we can divert some of this tonnage away from landfill we will directly help the environment and help provide good quality clothing to some of the poorest developing nations in the world.
We can accept the following items:
  • All men’s, ladies and children’s clothing
  • Paired shoes (tied together)
  • Handbags, bags, ties & belts
  • Soft Toys
  • Blankets
  • Underwear to include socks, tights, pants and bras etc…
  • Household textiles to include towels, bed linen, curtains etc…
We cannot accept the following items:
  • Duvets both synthetic and feathered
  • Carpets
  • Rugs
  • Soiled or wet clothing
  • Good quality clothing is transported to Africa and other developing nations where your old clothes are re-used
  • By recycling your clothing you can really help other people and add to Stenhousemuir FC’s Community fundraising
So Fill up as many bags as you can and bring them along on June 2nd !!!!!!