Warriors in the Community- Annual fundraising evening
As you may be aware Warriors in the Community hold a once a year fundraising night with the aim of raising all the funds required to purchase every piece of equipment/attire for the programme for the next 12 months. This includes all of the following; balls, bibs, cones, strips, speed/agility equipment, goals, coaching attire etc.
Last year the night was a huge success with every young warrior who attended having a great night and helping to raise a grand total of £2500, every penny of which was invested in the community football programme to the direct benefit of every young person involved. The fundraising night involves shots at ‘HotShots’ for everyone as well as hours of football tournaments and games. Any collection amount allows your child to take part!!!
It is hoped every Young Maroon, Girl’s Young Maroon and Community Select Team player can attend at the following times
Date: Thursday 2nd June 2011, Ochilview Park
Ø     5-7pm: 5-8 years (registration 4.30-5pm)  
Ø     7-9pm: 9-13 years (registration 6.30-7pm)
Registration- This will simply involve handing in all collected monies, Bag Rag collections and signing in. Please ensure all collection monies are handed in at this time.