We would like to thank Bonnyrigg Rose Football Club for making us aware of two extremely disappointing incidents that took place during Saturday’s cinch League 2 match at New Dundas Park.

Quite simply, there is no place whatsoever for any racist or homophobic abuse in football.  This will never be tolerated and will be dealt with swiftly and severely.

We are grateful to Bonnyrigg for their apology regarding the racist remark directed at one of our players from the home support.  We would like to offer our own sincere apology to Bonnyrigg Rose FC, and the player concerned, for the homophobic remark that was shouted during the game from within the Stenhousemuir support.

Having been made aware of these incidents, we will be initiating an immediate investigation to try to identify those responsible for the homophobic remark so that we can take the appropriate action.  In this regard, we would ask anyone who may have witnessed the incident, or who may have any information at all, to contact the club via our general email address info@stenhousemuirfc.com

There is no such thing as ‘banter’ or ‘a joke’ when it comes to racism or homophobia.  Stenhousemuir Football Club will tolerate neither, and we join with our colleagues at Bonnyrigg Rose in acting swiftly and severely to deal with any such incidents.