Stenhousemuir Football Club and Warriors in the Community (our official charity) have reached the public-voting stage of the Falkirk Council Community Choices Fund, and we need your help!




As a community-focused club, we are always looking for ways to improve our local area. One way in which we can do this is by reducing our carbon footprint by increasing the use of renewable energy in and around Ochilview Park.




We are working on a long-term project that will see Ochilview Park become entirely run on renewable energy – solar panels and wind turbines. Because of the size of our buildings and land, we will eventually be able to produce so much renewable energy that we will be able to provide local businesses with access to power at a fraction of the cost of current energy prices, and provide charging points for electric vehicles (including cars, bikes and scooters!) Reducing the reliance upon fossil fuels – and reducing costs for local businesses – will help our local community and move us all towards a more sustainable future. We are committed over the coming years, and through multiple phases, to becoming the local hub for clean, green, renewable energy.




We are about to embark of Phase 1 of a multi-phase project.


We are through to the public-voting phase of Falkirk Council’s Community Choices Fund, where we are in the running for a £140,000 grant to help with the start of this multi-phase project. This money is vital as it will allow us to begin the process of solar-panelling an area of our Main Stand roof, plus building some of the necessary infrastructure to capture and store.




We are competing against other local bids for this funding, with the project with the most votes receiving the funding! It would mean so much to us and our community if you could take 1 minute to vote for our project.


You can vote in 2 ways:

1. Go on-line to and vote for Net Zero Ochilview.

2. Fill in a Ballot paper and deposit these in Ballot Boxes. These will be available from Monday 30 January in your local library and other social spaces


Voting is open from Monday 30th January – Friday 24th February, with the winner being identified in March.


Please feel free to pass on to friends and family in the local area – doing so would give us the greatest chance of being successful.


We would be really grateful for your support in this vote!