Why not consider buying a share in Stenhousemuir FC

A share costs £37.50 and the  persons name will entered in COMPANIES HOUSE (SCOTLAND) register of shareholders.

A share is for life and can be transferred to another person any time you specify.

We were the first Senior Football Club in Scotland if not the UK to become a Community Interest Company (CIC) which means that the supporters have a say in the running of the club when they purchase a share in the CIC.

The Directors of the club pro-actively encourage supporters to purchase a share or shares, as they genuinely believe that that is the best way forward for our club, enabling it to thrive and prosper now and in the future, knowing that it is in the safe hands of it’s supporters.

Since the club became a CIC more and more supporters have taken the opportunity to become shareholders, and now have a voice in how the club is run.

If you would like to own a share or shares in the club and have your say in how it’s run, and in addition also have access to the Club’s Annual General Meeting, now’s your chance to do just that.

The shares are priced at £37.50 each and can be purchased easily.

To find out how to go about buying shares,

contact the club on 01324562992 or email


for more information, it couldn’t be easier.

The club also has a very strong Supporters Trust called “The Warriors Sports Society” which is the largest shareholder in the club, now owning a 20% shareholding. The Trust is actively represented on the Board of the Club and their representative has an equal voice on the Board giving the Trusts opinion at meetings.

The club has a large Community presence in the Local District and runs Daily Community Initiatives for the Local Schools and wider Community in general.



At the heart of our Community