Davie Irons becomes joint Manager at Gretna FC 2008

Davie Irons is leaving Ochilview to take up a new post as joint manager of Gretna FC 2008 alongside Andy Aitken.

Davie was the Manager at Stenhousemuir FC between 2010 and 2012 but sadly had to resign due to a change in work patterns.  However, Davie was able to return to Ochilview in 2015 where he supported Brown Ferguson as assistant manager and a key member of the senior management team.

Regrettably, work issues again came to the fore and he was unable to commit the time required so gave up this post before the start of this season.  Davie's passion for football is well known and he continued to support Stenhousemuir whenever possible through preseason and the start of this season.

However, the post of Manager became available at Gretna FC 2008, considerably closer to Davie's Dumfries home, and he has taken up this post. This will be his second spell as Manager at Gretna where in 2007 he steered the (now liquidated) club Gretna FC to succesfull entry in to the Premiership before financial matters put the club out of business shortly thereafter.

Everyone at Stenhousemuir FC wishes Davie the very best in his new role.  Davie has been a huge asset to the club for many years and his commitment has gone above and beyond expectations.  He will always be welcome at Ochilview and we wish him all the best.