FREE Classes to get you fit and active in Stenhousemuir.


Thanks to The SPFL Trust, Warriors in the Community will be delivering new Football Fans in Training (FFIT) courses, starting soon with Stenhousemuir Football Club.  


Thursday 29th September – Women's FFIT
5.30pm KO at Ochilview Park
for more details or to book your FREE place email –


Thursday 29th September – Men's FFIT
6.30pm KO at Ochilview Park
for more details or to book your FREE place email –


FFIT is a FREE 12 week course, for women and men, that looks to make small changes to peoples lives.

The main aims of the programme are to:
•Increase knowledge of diet & nutrition
•Improve lifestyle choices
•Increase physical activity amongst participants
•Reduce weight and waist measurements
•Increase engagement in other physical activity

There are a number of set criteria, that potential participants must fall into. The Criteria set by The SPFL Trust is that all participants must:
•be aged between 35 and 65 year’s old
•waist size of 38 inches (96.5cm) or more

Every 90-minute session contains a different topic which includes managing your alcohol consumption, understanding food labels and balancing your diet. There is also a physical activity component to each session. 
This can be a walk around the pitch at Ochilview Park to a Game of Football.

This will be our 4th intake for men's FFIT and 2nd intake for woman's FFIT at Stenhousemuir FC. 
It will begin with an introductory session known as "Week 0" where measurements will be taken on: Thursday 29th September