Player Sponsorship


Sponsorship of the Player Home kit is sold out but there is still time to get your name against a player’s away kit.

The list of players and kit available is noted below.

Alan Cook                    Away Kit only

Mark Gilhaney             Away Kit only

Grant Hamilton           Away Kit only

Colin McCabe              Away Kit only

Jamie McCormack      Away Kit only

Liam McCroary           Away Kit only

Liam McMaster          Away Kit only

Kieran Millar               Away Kit only

Paul Nash                    Away Kit only

Jim Paterson                Away Kit only

Sean Robertson           Away Kit only

Calum Runciman         Away Kit only

Steph Stirling              Away Kit only

As well as the players we still have the following members of the Management and Staff available to sponsor.

Goalkeeping Coach – Davie Binnie, 1st Team Coach – Colin McMenamin,

Fitness Coach – Jim Paterson, Physio – Steph Wells.

If you can manage to sponsor the Board, Management Staff would be extremely grateful as it would mean a lot to be able to get everyone’s kit at the club completely sponsored

The cost to sponsor someone is £100.

For this, you will be presented with a Replica Top signed by the person and if you wish have your picture taken with him and have it displayed on the person's profile page on the website along with your name which will remain there during the course of the season.

If you have a business and would like to sponsor someone you can also have a link to your own company’s website included in the cost of the player sponsorship.

You can view all the people available for sponsor by clicking on the CLUB header and then click on the Squad/Staff link.

To sponsor a player, contact the office on 01324-562992 or by email at