Wednesday 10th June 2015 – 7.30pm

Viewing Gallery – Ochilview Park.


I am looking forward to the presentation tonight and meeting all the supporters who are interested In being involved in supporting the club through their actions and assisting where they can. Part of the objectives for tonight is to make the supporters aware of who is on the board, what role they play and provide information on what has been achieved since the initial meeting. Coming out of the meeting we hope to arrange a working group which will assist the club through events and fundraising – creating a ‘We are all in it together’ mentality.

Events will not be just about the raising of funds, as part of it this is also about our message we want to be put out into the community and surrounding area of what the club is about and how the club can assist the community as much as the community can assist it.

Come along listen to the information – some may not be as forward as others feel free to ask me for my details and I will make myself available to discuss what you can offer and how you can assist at a later date.

Thank you in advance for your help and assistance.
Gary Russell


Meeting to consist of

1.       Information on the Board set up, who will be responsible for what areas moving forward.

2.       Presentation of the collated information from the previous meeting

3.       Draft annual calendar with open discussion on suitable venues for future events

4.       Setting up of a Social group who will be responsible in implementing the calendar and arranging the events

5.       Open chat 


Wednesday 10th June 2015


Viewing Gallery

Ochilview Park.

We look forward to seeing you there.