Euro 2012 Championship Group Stage Predictor League


The club has been running a competition to see who can predict the most correct scores in these seasons’ group stages of the Euro 2012 Championships.

The 1st round of matches have now been completed and as was stated when the competition was started that the club would update the leaders board after all the Countries had completed each round of matches.


The current leader’s board is as follows.


1st =    Graeme Hogg, Falkirk          –         28 pts.

            Grogs Shire No1, Larbert    –          28 pts


3rd –    Paul Lapsley, Carron           –         27 pts.  


4th –    Big Dan, Wisemans, Glasgow-      26 pts.


5th       Richard Gepreg, Grangemouth-   25 pts.


6th –    Alisdair MacLeod, Larbert   –        24 pts.


7th =   Cameron McRobbie, Larbert-       23 pts.

            Hugh Glackin, New Carron –       23 pts.

            Martin Wilson, Carron         –       23 pts.


10th –  Steven Campbell, Bathgate  –       22 pts.

           Laura Caven, Larbert              –    22 pts.

           Zander Caven, Larbert            –    22 pts.

           Chris Kerr, Rutherglen            –    22 pts.


If you are keeping your own score you will have to have scored 19 points or more to be among the top 50 competitors.

The Leader Board will updated on 16th June after the completion of the 2nd round of matches.

Keep watching to see who will lift the title of Euro 2012 Predictor League Champion at the end of the group stages.