Towards the end of last year the football club suffered a huge blow when our Tractor gave up the ghost, and try as we might we could not obtain spare parts to repair it and had to rely on the goodwill of fellow Director, Gordon Thompson, giving us the use of his works tractor when not required by his company.

 The Football club were delighted when a few weeks ago our Supporters Trust (Warriors Sports Society) offered to buy the club a new tractor and told us to come up with a suitable replacement model.

 The club contacted Scottish Grass Machinery, Sales Manager, Ewan Peddie who is an ardent Warriors supporter, asking if he could recommend a suitable replacement.

 On giving his recommendation to the Supporters Trust they set about getting the funding to purchase it. The only stumbling block was the purchase price of £11,250.

 Not to be daunted, within a few weeks they had managed to secure the funding and the tractor, a Shibaura SX24 was duly purchased and delivered to the club at the end of last week.

 The club would like to thank our Supporters Trust for their magnificent donation, without which we would still have been relying on borrowing a tractor to maintain our pitches.

 Club Chairman, Martin McNairney, went on to say that it was a tremendous gesture made by our Supporters Trust and that the tractor will be the mainstay of our pitch maintenance programme for years to come and that it was a testament to the work carried out by the Trust that they could raise the funds in such a short time.

 The club would also like to thank Gordon Thompson for the help he has given with the use of his tractor over the preceding 4 months.