The Ginger Boot award is sure to shake things up in the SFL by adding an extra competitive element, with players from all three divisions competing for the same prize. The first ever Ginger Boot winner will be announced at the start of September when they will receive an iconic pair of Ginger Boots, the same colour as the phenomenal soft drink. This sought after prize will be available to the top goal scorer each month throughout the 2010-11 season, and every Ginger Boot winner can then proudly wear their prize in competitive games.
A bespoke Ginger Boot trophy will be presented to the season’s top goal scorer at the Phenomenal End of Season Awards in May, in addition to a prize that will celebrate the winner’s scoring achievements.
Rory McAlister of Brechin City who was the SFL’s top goal scorer and winner of the Phenomenal 2nd Division Player at End of Season Awards, unveiled the first ever pair of “Ginger Boots” at the national stadium. After netting over twenty goals in the last campaign, he is certain to be a Ginger Boot contender this season.
Rory McAlister, speaking at Hampden commented;
“The Ginger Boot is a great idea and I think all the lads will get right behind by trying to score more goals than each other.  I’m sure it will have us all talking about who’s winning the Ginger Boot after each game.  At the end of the day, we are desperate to win as many games as possible for the supporters and the club and it would be great if some of the Brechin lads get to wear a pair of Ginger Boot in its first ever year.”
Martin Steele, Senior Brand Manager for IRN-BRU continued;
“We are all looking forward to a new season kicking off and we are delighted to be adding an exciting new element to the season with the introduction of the Ginger Boot Award. Many competitive football competitions throughout the world have their own top goal scorer award and it is only right that the SFL has one too. The Ginger Boot award is sure to be a competitive one and it will be exciting to see which team and division our winners come from.
Chief Executive of the SFL, David Longmuir added;
"Everyone at the Scottish Football League is excited to start the new season off with such a phenomenal and unique activity. The game is all about scoring goals and this is a very special way of recognising the talent that exists in the SFL. These boots are the best in the business and will surely be a sought after prize for the winner."
Fans will be able to keep up to date with the Ginger Boot leader board in The Scottish Sun every week.