The following is an updated list of Cup Finals, which are to be played at OchilviewPark
Please come along and support these if you can. 
We have hosted these Cup Finals in previous years,
and the standard of football has been extremely high.
There will be a small admission fee for most finals,
but this gate money will be used to support Youth Football in our area.
Date                           League    Age Group                                 KO Time
May 27th  SYFA                         14                                                7pm                          
Kilsyth Athletic FC     v   Mill United BC
May 28th  SYFA        19                                                7pm                          
Townhead Amateurs   v   Camelon Juniors
May 29th  SYFA        21                                                7pm                          
Claremont AFC         v     Jerviston
June 1st FVFDA    14                                                7pm                          
Claremont FC         v    Riverside
June 2nd FVFDA     19                                                7pm                          
E. Stirlingshire Colts v  Camelon Juniors                    
June 3rd   SYFA        15                                                6.30pm   
Mill Ud BS White v Kildrum Ud FC                                    
June 4th     FVFDA     16                                                7pm                          
Brunswick            v      Riverside FC           
June 5th FVFDA     17                                                7pm                          
Stirling City  v  Claremont                                                                    
June 6th  FVFDA     14                                                1pm                          
Riverside    v      Carse Thistle                           
June 6th     FVFDA     19                                                3pm                          
Bannockburn Ams.  V  Camelon Jnrs                                                        
June 6th  FVFDA     All                                                5pm                          
League Winners and Runners Up Presentation 
June 7th   FVFDA     13                                                12noon   
Larbert Athletic          v         Alva Swifts
June 7th  FVFDA     15                                                2pm                          
Crieff Juniors            v        JBM
June 7th   FVFDA     16                                                4pm                          
Crieff Juniors            V       Riverside FC
June 8th  FVFDA     19                                                7pm                          
June 9th  FVFDA     15                                                7PM                          
Milton   v      Tryst Thistle/Cumbernauld Colts/JBM
June 10th Scottish Schools                                        6pm                          
Cardinal Newman    v     Turnbull                                                 
Bishopbriggs               Bishopbriggs
June 12th Scottish Schools                                        6pm        
LarbertHigh School   v  BishopbriggsAcademy
As we get Information of the finalists, and additional games,
it will be added to the web site.
The Pie Shop be open for all Cup Finals, and the Club
would like to thank Mary, Julia, Linda,
and the rest of their Merry Band for giving up their time.