We are currently ahead in the League Table with 1903 votes, If we keep it up the club could win the top prize in the 3rd  Division of £4,500 in the Irn Bru Phenomenalfooty league table.


The votes will continue to be counted until 8pm on the night of the 28th May when the winners will be revealed at the Irn Bru Players of the Year Awards in a Glasgow City Centre venue. So keep on voting right up till the last minute as every vote will count as we get closer to the final night. 


If you text score3sten to 60777 they will give the Warriors a point for every text they receive, and if the we finish at the top of their league table on the 28th the club will benefit by the sum of £4,500 from Irn Bru which will go towards our Youth Development programme for the start of next season. If we finish 2nd, the club will receive £3,500, and if we finish outwith the top two in the Division we will receive a £1,500 consolation prize. It would be great if all our supporters could text the above message to 60777 and get their family, friends and work colleagues to do the same, and with a bit of luck and support we might win the big prize.


If you wish to follow the team’s progress in the League race please follow the link below.