This must be a first.
Supporter Paul Chapman from Brighton, pictured 3rd from the right, contacted the club recently and asked if the club would donate a set of Tops for them to enter the Brighton Bowls Football League where they will play against teams from other clubs such as Real Madrid and Chelsea.
The club was only too happy to oblige and wishes Paul and the rest of the members of his team all the best in their quest to win the league.
The team members are from left to right, George Bradbury, Eric Maine, Moira Maine, Ted Bates, Olive Bates, Paul Chapman, Peter Brown and Frances Pringle.
Paul tells us that the team has over 70 years experience in playing bowls and that they might have an outside chance of winning the league. 
We look forward to seeing a photo of them holding the winners trophy at the end of the season, good luck.