Warriors Abroad

Danish Supporters

Warriors Abroad, our unique club for far flung fans of Stenhousemuir, is now into its third decade and a lot has changed since it was originally set up, so everyone thought it was a time for a rethink.

When WA first started the telephone was something that lived in a box in the street or on a table in the hall, the internet had hardly begun and information on Stenny games was hard to come by. Nowadays, the telephone slips neatly into a back pocket, connects to an internet full of every sort of information and Stenny fans can easily keep up with club news online – as a couple of fans have said: “the need for a newsletter is not so great”:

The newsletter will be continued but the club also realised that our loyal fans deserve more for the effort they make. Therefore we have added some reward schemes to the membership and hope to add others in time.

Any WA fan visiting Ochilview will have the chance of discounted accommodation, thanks to John Black at the Station Hotel, he is offering a 10% discount on B&B for our members. There is also still the same 10% discount of any food eaten in at the Gulnar Tandoori as well as discounts on all the items in our club shop.

Regular visitors will also have the chance of watching a game for free. Any WA member who gets to four games in a season will be given free admission to the fifth (league only) and anyone managing nine games over any time period will see the tenth for nothing.
The newsletter will continue in a similar form to the current one and while much of the news in it could be got from other sources, it will continue to contain material, including interviews, that has not been on the web or published elsewhere.

The cost of membership is being help at the same price, which is £12.50 per year for UK members and £15.00 per year for those further abroad.

All members will receive a quarterly newsletter, From the Inside, a badge, which is produced new every year, a membership card and the various discounts and rewards already mentioned and, hopefully, some more in time.

Finally as official members of a Stenhousemuir fan club, WA members will receive some priority for all ticket games. Season ticket holders have first option on major cup ties etc but WA members will also have the chance to place an order before tickets go on general sale.

Anyone wishing to join or rejoin WA can download a membership form by downloading a copy of the membership form or email the club with your information, you can pay by credit card. Thank you for joining, all support is vital to a club like us and we hope you appreciate the membership rewards we have arranged and, of course, to see you at Ochilview when you can make it.

If paying by cheque or postal order it should be made payable to:

“Warriors Abroad”
Stenhousemuir Football Club, Ochilview Park, Gladstone Road, Stenhousemuir, FK5 4QL

If you have any questions please contact us directly for more information.