We wanted to update supporters regarding the upgrades we are making to our match day livestream service.

On Saturday, regular viewers will notice that we have moved the automated camera into the main stand, directly opposite where it was previously.  This should provide a more natural viewing position for supporters used to watching from the main stand.  This should also help to address intermittent issues we have had with wind, rain and sunlight affecting the quality of the picture.  It also allows us to have the camera positioned slightly higher and further back from the side line, which should help the ball tracking ability of the automated system.

Also, in order to return to play following the recent suspension by the Scottish FA of League 2 football, we had to make changes to our stadium COVID protocols.  This meant we had to move the match day commentators which presented a range issue for the wireless microphone system.  We have therefore installed a new hard wired system and will be repositioning the commentators in order to boost the sound quality.  Since introducing the live match commentary, John Fernandez, Cameron McIntyre, and Craig Telfer, have done a cracking job and we look forward to boosting this part of the coverage.

These changes have all been introduced this week and will be in place for our Scottish Cup match against Kilmarnock on Saturday.

Finally, we are in the process of adding further additional resource, tech, and production to our live stream service.  This will include the addition of a second camera, which will be manually controlled.  We have listened to feedback that has asked for tighter, zoomed-in shots for key points of the game.  We should be able to respond to this request and achieve this with the addition of a second camera.  As well as this, we are looking to add in an element of ‘production’ around the match day content, where our commentators will be able to talk directly into camera, and can interview live guests including players, managers etc. pre & post match and during half time.  We can also produce our own club videos to show during the half time break.

We have recruited additional media team support in order to deliver this, as we will require an additional camera operator as well as a producer to be able to control and transition between multiple camera feeds and any additional video content.

We hope to start incorporating these changes over the next few weeks as COVID rules continue to ease which means we can undertake the physical aspects of the work required to make all of this happen.  This represents a further investment from the club in to the online match day experience and we hope is welcomed by the viewers of Warriors TV.