Entrance into Gladstone Road (Ochilview Park) will be severely curtailed for the next week due to gas pipework being carried out at the old McCowans factory.

Currently entrance is via one lane only with very limited parking and we have decided to operate a NO parking within the ground.  Allowing access to cars will only lead to a build up of traffic out on to Tryst Road as the turning area has been cordoned off.

A fence has been erected at the area we used for parking at McCowans and this will be in place until all works are finished at factory.  This will seriously curtail parking and drop off of children for classes.

With this in mind we ask that you park elsewhere and walk children into Ochilview.

As these works are outwith our control, we hope you will appreciate the safety of children attending classes is our main priority.

The alternative is operating a one way system, exit via the Tryst Showground but we are reluctant to use this method as the exit road has deep pot holes which could potentially damage cars.  This road is on private land and we cannot carry out repairs.

Thank you for your co-operation during this period.