Website Visitor Map


A new feature called a Website Visitor map has been added to the website Home page.


This came be accessed by scrolling down to the bottom of the Home page where you will see a map of the world.


Double Click on the map and it will open up a new screen where you can view the location of visitors to our website.


The feature has only been on the website a few hours and already we are able to begin to build up a picture of where our visitors come from.


If you zoom in and look at the map you will see we have already had visitors from Canada, USA, Norway and Ireland as well as visitors from all parts of the UK.


This feature allows the webmaster to see which pages of the website are being viewed on a regular basis and the ones that are rarely visited, and will allow us to tailor the website to visitors requirements in the future.


Please use this feature to get an insight into how popular our club is with our overseas supporters.