Warriors Christmas Charity Appeal






 We hope like us you are all looking forward to Christmas and the New Year. As a community club we are keen at this time to remember other less fortunate and have decided that we would like to have an annual Charity Appeal starting this year.
We very much wish the Young Maroons to be involved and at the head of this appeal. To this end we have chosen to support an appropriate charity and this year it will be


CHAS – Children’s Hospice Association Scotland
The appeal will take two approaches. Firstly during December we will have collections at all of our home games co-ordinated by the Falkirk Friends of CHAS headed up by Diane Macintyre, a true Warriors diehard. We will also seek donations on-line from our supporters far and wide through a link on our website – www.justgiving.com/warriors1884. This site will have an ongoing running total of the proceeds of our collections added to anything donated on-line. The on-line donations also attract Gift Aid which in effect is additional money to the charity through tax relief.
The Young Maroons have a special job however. We have made a request to all Young Maroons to buy a present for one of the kids who are in the Hospices, wrap it up and bring it along to the club. We have taken guidance from CHAS and they suggest good presents would be kids DVDs, music DVDs or gift vouchers from HMV, Argos or Asda. It is completely up to the kids if they wish to participate.
At the end of December we will pool all of the money collected and the presents donated and we will visit one of the hospices in January to hand them over. However we would like some of the Young Maroons to be our ambassadors for this. The winners of the Young Maroon of the Month awards for December will be asked, if they are happy to, to go along to represent the club and hand over both the presents and the cheques – a unique experience.
We will be having a Christmas party during the Christmas and New Year break for all Young Maroons and have asked them to bring their presents along that day.
If together we can improve the lives of others less fortunate than us over this festive period it would be a great gift – and also show what a great bunch of kids we have as Young Maroons! We would encourage everyone therefore at the club to participate in some way as this will be a donation from the members of the club and not the club itself.

Thank you for your support.